Sunday, October 28, 2012

FO: Nightlock Fail

We've got a first on the blog today, gentle readers. Love the yarn, love the pattern, but absolutely hate the FO.

It started off so promising. The colors in this TFA yarn are stunning and the the Merino-Cashmere blend is beyond lovely to work with. Here I am hanging out a few weeks ago at Wild Rumpus, a magical kids bookstore where chickens and cats (and lots of other critters) peacefully coexist. I grabbed a chair near the Harry Potter and was kept company by the friendly (and hungry) Bilinia while Izzy started her once/week volunteer work.

promising start

I brought in the second OOAK colorway during my visit to a (new to me) knitting group last week. And while I was a bit skeptical at the time, I was lulled by the group of kind women and the wine. It's not that the two colors don't work together — in fact, they echo the golds and pinks of the other strand quite well.


But now that's it's done, my fears are realized. Even if I hadn’t moved back to MN between purchasing the yarn and knitting it, I’m pretty sure I’d see only MN Gophers colors in the FO. :-(


Pattern: Nightlock by Lisa Mutch
Yarn: TFA OOAK Purple Label: Squash and Autumn Sunset

As you'll see, I haven't woven in the ends or blocked it. The decision at hand: Do I gift to a Gophers fan or frog and create two new items with the lovely (but not combined) yarn? The selfish knitter in me is leaning toward the latter since it's my first go-round with TFA Purple Label. What would you do?

Either way, it's chronicled here and counted as #9 in my 12 in 2012 challenge. At least there's that...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

24 Days...

The countdown to Halloween is on. While final decisions are still being made about Izzy's costume, the decorating has begun. We started with this Haunted Gingerbread House — a good Sunday afternoon activity after a week of battling off the latest bug.


And while we have made gingerbread from scratch, I fully embraced this no-cooking required kit. I mean, the decorating is 98% of the fun, right?